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Disorders of Thyroid Disorders of Thyroid

Disorders of Thyroid

The function of thyroid gland in our body is to release the hormone which releases the energy from food and transports it to the remaining portions of the body with the help of blood flow. If this gland stops functioning properly, it can affect various organs of the body. Some of the major disorders caused due to this disease are described below.

Thyroid Eye disease

Due to improper functioning of the thyroid gland, the tissues of the eye get inflamed. This inflammation is caused because of stiffness of muscles controlling eyeball. The eye lids provide a protective layer to the cornea but because eyeball is pushed forward due to swelling, the cornea loses its protection and thus the vision is lowered. Those with underlying autoimmune conditions and overactive thyroid gland have more tendencies to have affected eye because of thyroid. The symptoms of thyroid eye disease are:

  • Redness in eyes because of sensitivity in cornea
  • Bulgy eyes
  • Dry eyes affecting the tear producing gland
  • Double vision also known as diplopia
  • Blurred vision


Thyroid hair loss

Thyroid disease word cloudThyroid can affect the growth of hairs as well. Though hair loss is a common symptom of ageing and other diseases as well, it can be confused with other disease processes. The cycle of hair growth is longer than the cycle of hair loss. The hair loss due to a thyroid disorder is a result of over or underactive thyroid. The appearance of hair becomes sparse and after thyroid treatment, the hair may / should start to grow. But this regrowth procedure takes a lot of time even months and may be incomplete. The loss of hair that covers the whole scalp will take quite a bit of time for the hair to grow again. Unfortunately, the natural hairline can never return completely because of the patches of hairs that were formed on the scalp.


Goiter due to thyroid

Endocrinologist examine thyroid womanA goiter refers to bulging of neck in an outward direction. It is basically caused by of lack of iodine. Iodine nurtures the functioning of thyroid gland which produces the hormone in required quantities. This is why it is always suggested to consume salt which contains iodine. Some goiters are small in size and not very visible but some are intense and are clearly noticeable. It may lead to difficulty breathing and swallowing food. Apart from iodine deficiency, this thyroid goiter can be caused because by the enlargement of the thyroid gland. This enlargement occurs because of excess production of hormone called thyroxine. Thus time is of the essence to begin treatment as soon as possible.


The person who is affected from such appearance disorders due to thyroid should not feel bad about it. Generally people accept that they may quite possibly become bald due to disease. The person who has recovered from this disease is usually relieved by the success of the treatment. Though hair may grow again, it is not uncommon for a person to have self-conscious about their appearance for some time.  With time and following the treatment regime, the patient can adjust and adapt to new lifestyle changes.



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