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The Different Types of Glands and Hormones of the Endocrine System The Different Types of Glands and Hormones of the Endocrine System

The Different Types of Glands and Hormones of the Endocrine System



Our body is basically made up of different types of systems and the functions of each organs that each system is comprised of determines the health of that system. The endocrine system is one such that is made up of a group of glands that are responsible for the secretion of hormones. These hormones combine with the circulatory system and are carried by the circulatory system to the organ that it is supposed to act on. Some of the important endocrine glands include the pituitary glands, the pancreas, the and the thyroid gland, besides a number of other glands. The adrenal glands are another set of glands in the endocrine system.  Though, functionally, the endocrine system is almost similar to the nervous system as both send messages and are indicators, the endocrine system is rather slow unlike the nervous system.

Endocrine parathyroid glandThe pituitary gland is one of the major glands of the endocrine system and a very small gland, almost the size of a pea. The glands are very significant as they help in the control of blood pressure the thyroid gland functions, the metabolism of the body and the functions of the sex organs. They are also very significant in the management of pain in the body, the health of the kidneys, to regulate body temperature and for women during pregnancy, childbirth and nursing. The malfunctioning pituitary gland can result in a number of health problems like excessive growth triggered by the increase in the growth hormones, hypothyroidism, tumors and adenomas of the pituitary glands, and hypopituitarism, to name just a few.

The thyroid gland also referred to as Thyroid, is one of the bigger sized glands and is found in the front part of the neck. It is found in both men and women, but is more prominently seen in women. The thyroid gland is responsible for the proper metabolism of the body and is also very vital in the proper functioning of all the other glands in the body. The thyroid gland is of larger size in women than in men and is more active in women. The hormone grows larger in size as the women start their menstruating cycle, during pregnancy, childbirth and nursing. To maintain the health of the thyroid glands, it is vital to include Iodine in the diet consumed. Studies have proved that the thyroid glands are largely responsible for the fluctuating emotions and is especially seen in women during the menstruation, pregnancy and post childbirth. Hormones secreted by these glands are basically of three types which together have an almost complete control over the proper functioning of the various organs of the body.

Therefore, it is essential that the endocrine system is maintained healthy as the malfunction of the different glands are largely responsible for the different kinds of ailments that are commonly seen today. Since the main responsibility of the endocrine system is to produce hormones that are essential for the health of the various organs, maintaining a strict diet for the health of all the glands that make up the endocrine system is important.


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